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SUNday december 5

Join us online through live stream as we host our Worship Service here at Community Church.


Small Groups


Small Groups are a place where imperfect people, humbling themselves before God, are regularly changed by the Word, 

accepting Scripture's invitation to be growing in community, and as a result are becoming more active in God's purposes.

We invite you to look at the Small Groups that are available for this Fall! We have groups that are meeting at church, online and in homes.

Click on the icon of the group and see more information about who is leading the group and specific meeting times. 

If you have any questions or cannot find an open group please contact Jesse by email at 

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  • Thursday Afternoon @ Community Church

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  • Thursday Evening @ Community Church

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The love of God through Jesus Christ is calling everybody to a relationship with our heavenly Father.  We would be delighted to have you join us on a Sunday at 10 am or connect with us through events, youth groups, children's programs or small groups.  

Our purpose as a church is to see a growing number of different people come alive in Christ



Our vision statement is Pursuing God (Matthew 22:37), Loving People (Matthew 22:39), Developing Disciple-Makers (Matthew 28:19).

Wherever you are and whoever you are, you are welcome to join our journey together as a community. 

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Sunday Morning cancellation policy

The fun part about living in the midwest is the winter weather we experience!

In times of inclement weather the following sources will indicate any cancellations

by 7:00am on a Sunday Morning:

1. website announcement

2. Church-wide email announcement sent out to our weekly email update mailing list

3. Our Facebook page