Our Mission
Pursuing God, Loving People, and Developing Disciple-Makers.
Our Purpose
To see a growing number of diverse people come alive in Christ.

Values & Principles

These values and principles guide the life and ministry of the church.
  • We value the accurate and practical teaching of the Bible that encourages the stimulation of the mind and focuses on developing the total person.
  • We seek to present a Scripture-based, Christ-focused message challenging enough to stimulate growth, while maintaining sufficient simplicity that all may understand. 
  • We value the worship of God as our highest pursuit, both individually and corporately.
  • We will seek expressions of worship that make it significant to all.
  • We seek variety, freshness, and creativity in communicating historic Christianity.
  • We seek flexibility in the structure for worship but seek to avoid disorder. 
  • We value personal faith demonstrated by accepting Christ as Savior and growing in obedience to Christ as Lord.
  • We seek to live the Christian life with enthusiasm, sincerity, honesty, and authenticity.
  • We acknowledge our freedom in Christ, but do not use this freedom as an excuse for license.
  • We encourage questioning as a springboard to finding answers.
  • We seek to challenge ideas, but never attack or embarrass people. 
  • We value an atmosphere of acceptance of all people and the development of significant Christian relationships that encourage love, care, and accountability.
  • We seek to respect and dignify each person’s uniqueness.
  • We seek to value all people equally, especially those often marginalized (for example: children, women, the elderly, single adults, minorities, those who are disabled and those with financial difficulties).
  • We seek to help each other through all aspects of life: birth, maturation, sexuality, aging, and mortality.
  • We encourage relationships that go beyond superficial knowledge, to the end that everyone will know and be known by others.
  • We endorse humor and fun as an integral part of life.
  • We seek to make graceful changes possible in position, policy, and procedure.
  • We seek to provide opportunity for participation and encourage involvement without mandating it. 
  • We value building connections to our community, both locally and globally, for the purpose of demonstrating the love of Christ and sharing the life of Christ.
  • We seek to provide a moral example in our communities in all facets of life: “living in the world, but not conforming to its mold.”
  • We seek to remain humble and never elitist, basing all our conduct on love that both gives and receives. 
  • We value an approach to ministry where all believers are equipped to serve one another according to their gifts and passions.
  • We value an approach to ministry where all believers are equipped to serve their neighbors and God’s world according to their gifts and passions.